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Magical Weave unites the threads of modern technology, ancient wisdom and earth spirituality, creating a global sisterhood, mystery school and broadcast network sharing magical voices through radio, podcasts, magazine, and books - crafting an interconnected tapestry to elevate the world.

Nourishing Souls, Elevating Minds

Are you a woman weaving the delicate balance between the mystical realms of ancient wisdom and the everyday tapestry of modern life?

I invite you to embark on a journey where the threads of timeless magic seamlessly intertwine with the fabric of contemporary existence. Let us together weave the ancient and the modern, crafting a harmonious tapestry that honors both the mystical and the everyday in our quest for balance and enlightenment.


"I believe women are the weavers of magic, empowerment, and positive change."


I’m Jody Colvard - Founder of FMG Networks, VOW Media and Women in Podcasting

Driven by a heartfelt commitment to elevate the voices of women, I have dedicated my professional journey as an energy healer and businesswoman to crafting platforms that amplify and empower their voices.

In this collective journey, we stand together as sisters, weaving a tapestry of empowerment that seamlessly blends the mystical echoes of inspiration with the practical steps necessary to make a meaningful impact in the world.


Jody Colvard

- Founder

Nourishing Souls, Elevating Minds

Magical Weave is more than a community; it's a sanctuary for feeding our souls and minds.

Through interactive workshops, retreats, and shared experiences, we elevate our vibrations collectively, exploring the depths of our magic and finding strength in unity.

Our enchantment extends beyond these transformative experiences, as our Magical Weavers shine their light through our various platforms weaving magic and sharing profound wisdom.

Our radio, podcasting, magazine and book platforms serve as portals to amplify the voices of our community, ensuring that the magic and wisdom within every weaver reach far and wide, resonating with seekers around the world.



Safe one-on-one sessions to explore who you are and how you can create new possibilities



Each podcast offers a tapestry of enchantment, and a symphony of knowledge, as our Magical Weavers take center stage, weaving spells of insight and sharing their profound wisdom.



Joint sessions for for loved ones who want to reduce conflict and improve communication


Mystery School

Guided by seasoned sages and enriched by the magic of nature, our workshops and retreats at Magical Horizons beckon you to a profound exploration of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


Magical Weavers Connect

Monthly Virtual Zoom Circle

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We would love to have you join us



'The Magical Weavers

An extraordinary anthology that unveils the luminous tapestry woven by a collective of voices—artists, healers, light workers, and changemakers.

Within these pages, each contributor becomes a thread, infusing the tapestry with their unique essence and energy. This captivating book illuminates the transformative power of creativity, healing, and positive change. Embark on a journey of inspiration as you explore the radiant narratives within 'The Magical Weavers,' where the collective energy of these visionary voices converges to kindle the flames of positive transformation in our world.


Magical Weave Collective

Illuminating Paths of Wisdom

Welcome to the Magical Weave Collective, a sacred sanctuary where paths of wisdom converge and illuminate the journey of self-discovery. In this enchanting collective, we celebrate the diverse threads of magic woven by each unique soul, creating a vibrant tapestry that lights the way for those seeking enlightenment. Join us on this mystical journey, where the weave of magic and wisdom intertwines, casting a radiant glow on the path to self-discovery and transformation.

Magical Mystics

Embark on a mystical journey with Magical Mystics, the devoted students of our Mystery School. Unveiling ancient wisdom, they delve into the depths of spirituality, honing their gifts and discovering the unseen realms of inner truths and magic.

Magical Weavers

Dive into the enchanting world of Magical Weavers, where powerful souls converge to weave threads of magic and share profound wisdom. As the broadcasters of our collective, weavers lift the world through platforms of radio, TV, books, and podcasts.

Magical Sages

Meet the esteemed Magical Sages, the revered Wisdom Keepers within our collective. These wise souls, having traversed the realms of knowledge and enlightenment, impart timeless truths as dedicated teachers within our Mystery School.