About Magical Weave

Weaving Mystical Threads, Transforming Lives

Welcome to Magical Weave, where ancient wisdom meets modern empowerment. Our sacred space is a tapestry woven with the threads of mystical teachings and contemporary knowledge. 


The Visionary CEO of Magical Weave, FMG Networks (FRQNCY Media Group), Voices of Women Media, Podcast School and Women in Podcasting

As the dynamic force steering these online platforms, Jody's commitment lies in forging spaces across podcasting, radio, TV, and books that not only amplify but empower the voices of women.

Her extraordinary background intricately intertwines the mystical and the technical, a synthesis cultivated over 30 years as a 'Harmony Alchemist' - massage therapist and energy healer weaving Sound, vibration, colors, and plants for healing bliss.

From birth, she was immersed in the mystical teachings of the hermetic principles, ancient philosophies and magic by her parents, sculpting her into a lifelong seeker of spiritual wisdom.

Now, enveloped within the enchanting embrace of Magical Weave, Jody channels the depth of her knowledge and spiritual insights to guide women in seamlessly weaving the mystical and the technical. In this sacred space, she endeavors to empower and enlighten, fostering a community where ancient wisdom converges with modern knowledge for a harmonious and transformative journey.

Sisters in Spirit: Weaving Light and Knowledge

Immerse yourself in a community that empowers women to seamlessly blend the mystical and the modern, fostering personal growth and enlightenment.

Through podcasts, workshops, and the alchemy of shared experiences, we guide you on a transformative journey, embracing the enchanting fusion of spirituality and practical wisdom.

Join us in the art of weaving, where each thread contributes to the vibrant tapestry of Magical Weave, creating a space where empowerment, enlightenment, and sisterhood flourish.